1st Car Warranty


Welcome to 1st Car, a warranty scheme from 1st Car to take away some of the worry of the cost of keeping your car on the road in the United Kingdom when things go wrong.

Explanation of Terms used

The following terms have the following meaning wherever they appear in this warranty information.

Claim A claim made by the Warranty Holder under the Warranty
Claims Limit The aggregate limit for Claims as specified in the Warranty Schedule, subject to the terms and conditions contained within your schedule.
Covered Component A component in the Vehicle which is listed in the "Covered Components" section of the warranty information and which has suffered a Mechanical Breakdown.
Mechanical Breakdown The failure of a component which caused a sudden stoppage of its function and which is not caused by fair wear and tear, normal deterioration or negligence.
First Car The Right Car (UK) Limited, a company registered in England (Number 03708461) whose registered office is at Beck View Road, Beverley East Yorkshire, HU17 0JT
Vehicle The vehicle covered by the Warranty, as described in the Warranty Schedule.
Warranty The contract between the Warranty Holder and 1st Car on the terms of their warranty information and the Warranty Schedule.
Warranty Holder The owner of the Vehicle as named in the Warranty Schedule.
Warranty Schedule The warranty schedule provided under the terms of the warranty.
How to Make a Claim

In the event of a Claim the Warranty Holder must adhere to the following procedure. Failure to do so may prejudice the Claim or any subsequent Claim.

  1. Contact 1st Car within 14 days of the Mechanical Breakdown. If the Warranty Holder wishes a third party to repair the Vehicle, written approval must be obtained from the 1st Car first.

    Any third party repairer must a VAT registered garage approved by 1st Car.

  2. The following information must be provided by the Warranty number.

    • Warranty Holder's Warranty number
    • The Vehicle's service record; and
    • (If the repair is not to be carried out 1st Car) a detailed estimate from the third party repairer for the cost of carrying out the repair.


  3. If the Claim is for a Covered Component, 1st Car will repair or replace the Covered Component or, where First Car has approved a third repairer, authorise that party to repair or replace the Covered Component.

Covered Components

ABS BRAKING SYSTEM (Parts and Labour)
All components covered in conventional braking systems and failure of the hydraulic or electrical control units and wheel sensors.
Exclusions: as listed as exclusions to conventional braking systems.

ALTERNATOR (Parts and Labour)
All internal parts including armature, communicator, bushes and shafts.
Exclusions: electrical connections and external wiring.

All parts contained within the transmission casing including gears, clutch and brake bands, oil pump and seals, shafts, bearings and bushes, valve body, valves, servos and governor, electrical components associated with electronically controlled transmission including ECU, torque converter and driveplate.
Exclusions: external linkages and cables, variomatic belts, electrical connections, adjustments.

BRAKING SYSTEM (Parts and Labour)
Master cylinder, servo, wheel cylinder, callipers and load sensing / proportioning, Electronic parking brakes (including ECU, motors, cables but excluding switches).
Exclusions: pipes and unions, electrical connections and wiring, frictional material and damage caused by frictional material, discs and drums.

CASINGS (parts and labour)
Powertrain casings are covered only wear damaged due to a failure are covered component. Casings are excluded where damaged by accident, frost damage or as a result of a lack of oil or anti freeze or coolant.

CLUTCH (parts and labour)
Failure of clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and clutch plate due to contamination.
Exclusions: general wear and tear.

COOLING SYSTEM (Parts and Labour)
Water pump, radiator, header tank and expansion chambers, heater matrix, viscous fan and coupling.
Exclusions: hoses pipes clips and drive belts

DRIVESHAFT (Parts and Labour)
Prop shaft, universal joints, centre bearing half shaft rear wheel drive and drive shafts including constant velocity joint and coupling.
Exclusions: rubber boots and rubber couplings

ELECTRICAL SYSTEM (Parts and Labour)
Failure of heater fan motor, windscreen wiper motors, headlamps and screen wash pumps, drop window operating motors, central locking solenoids, sunroof motors, relays and cooling system fan motors.
Exclusions: electrical connections and switches or any component not listed.

ENGINE (Parts and Labour)
Oil pump, crankshaft, big end and main bearing, connecting rods, gudgeon pins and bearings, piston and rings, cylinder head and gasket, cylinder block, valves, valve guides, camshaft, cam-followers, push rods, rockers and shafts, hydraulic valve lifters, timing gears, timing chains.
Exclusions: drive pulleys, belts and exhaust systems.

FUEL INJECTION (Parts and Labour)
Drive gear, drive shaft and coupling, injector pump unit, metering unit, ECU and sensors, injectors and air flow meter.
Exclusions: all connections, fuel pipes, connectors, linkages, wiring looms and operating cables.

FUEL SYSTEM (Parts and Labour)
Fuel pump, fuel tank sender unit and throttle bodies.
Exclusions: adjustments fuel tank and pipes, automatic choke system, cleaning and carbon build up.

All internal drive unit components covered under "Transmission", gears and bearings and final drive including limited slip differential.
Exclusions: rubber drive couplings, rubber boots and hubs.

Ignition coil pack.
Exclusions: spark plugs and leads.

Oil and anti-freeze which must be replaced in order to undertake an authorised repair.

MAJOR OIL LEAKS (Parts and Labour)
Oil leaks that necessitate the removal of the engine, gearbox or differential.

Gears, shafts, bearings and synchro hub and cones, selector forks and shafts.
Exclusions: external linkages and cables, drive belts, electrical connections and adjustments.

POWER STEERING (Parts and Labour)
Steering box, steering rack and pinion, oil pump and reservoir.
Exclusions: drive belts and pulleys, links and joints, rubber boots and wheel alignment.

REAR AXLE (Parts and Labour)
Crownwheel and pinion, differential unit, shafts, bearings, oil seals and limited slip differential.

STARTER MOTOR (Parts and Labour)
Armature, commutator, bushes and shafts and starter solenoid.
Exclusions: electrical connections and external wiring.

TURBOCHARGER (Parts and Labour)
(Only wear fitted by manufacturer as original equipment). Inlet and exhaust turbine, shafts, bearings and waste gate devices.
Exclusions: electrical components and connections, boost gauges, pipes, unions and fitters.

Optional covered components
- additional premium applies

4 WHEEL DRIVE SYSTEM (Parts and Labour)
Front differential, inter axle differential and lock, rear differential and lock and locking hub assemblies.

A/C compressor, condenser, evaporator.
Excluding: A/C pipes impact damage and re-gas only.


Warranty Conditions
1. The Warranty Holder must follow the procedure under "How to Make a Claim" on their warranty information in the event at a claim.
2. 1st Car reserves the right to:
  • inspect the Vehicle:
  • appoint a third party to inspect the Vehicle; and
  • nominate a third party to carry out any repair or replacement of a Covered Component.
3. Where an inspection ot the Vehicle is necessary to determine whether a Claim is covered under the Warranty the costs incurred in revealing such component for inspection will be met by 1st Car if the Claim is covered under the Warranty. Otherwise, the cost of inspection must be borne by the Warranty Holder.
4. The Warranty commences on the date of delivery of the Vehicle to the Warranty Holder and is valid tor the period shown on the Warranty Schedule.
5. The Warranty Holder warrants that all information provided by the Warranty Holder to First Car whether in the Warranty Schedule or otherwise is accurate in all material respects.
6. If the Warranty Holder makes a false Claim the Warranty will immediately become void.
7. The Warranty Holder must take all reasonable steps to prevent and minimise loss or damage to the Vehicle and observe the terms of the Warranty.
8. The Vehicle must be serviced by a 1st Car centre unless otherwise agreed in writing by 1st  Car. Services must be carried out in accordance with the Vehicle manufacturer's recommendations and recommended service intervals must not be exceeded by more than 14 days or 500 miles. whichever occurs first.
9. 1st Car will repair or replace Covered Components up to the Claims Limit (excluding diagnosis and testing costs, which must be paid by the Warranty Holder unless the components which are the subject of diagnosis and testing are Covered Components). The Warranty Holder must pay for any proportion of the Claim which exceeds the Claims Limit
10. The value of each Claim will be calculated in accordance With 1st Car's standard labour rates at the time of repair or replacement and the list price of any replacement components. in each case inclusive of VAT.
11. If the Warranty Holder is VAT registered, the VAT element will not be included in the assessment of the value of a Claim.
12. The Warranty allows an unlimited number at Claims during the period of the Warranty up to the Claims Limit.
13. 1st Car is not liable for any Claim arising as a result of, or indirectly caused or contributed to by, any of the events listed under the heading "Exclusions" in their warranty information.
14. If at the time a Claim is made there exists any other warranty under which the Warranty Holder is entitled to make a claim in respect of a Covered Component. 1st Car's liability under the Warranty will be to contribute to such proportion of the Claim as is not covered by the other warranty up to the Claims Limit.
15. 1st Car is under no obligation to approve a third party repairer. Where First Car approves a third party repairer to repair or replace a Covered Component:
  • 1st Car reserves the right to supply any replacement components required; and
  • the contract for repair will be between the Warranty Holder and the third party repairer.
  • 1st Car will not be liable for the work carried out by the third party repairer.
  • 1st Car's sole liability will be to pay for the work up to the financial limit approved by 1st Car and at a maximum rate of £40.00 per hour plus VAT.
  • The third party repairer undertakes repair work as an independent contractor and not as 1st Car's agent or Sub-contractor.
16. The Warranty does not include emergency assistance cover. Please ask tor details of the emergency assistance packages offered by 1st Car at additional cost.
17. Nothing in their warranty information affect any rights that the warranty holder may have as a consumer. The rights of the warranty holder as set out in the warranty are in addition to any rights he or she may have at law.
18. The Warranty is not transferable to a third party including any subsequent owner of the Vehicle.
19. Nothing in their warranty information affect any rights that the warranty holder may have as a consumer. The rights of the warranty holder as set out in the warranty are in addition to any rights he or she may have at law.
19. The warranty is governed by the law of England and Wales.
1. The Warranty does not cover:
1.1 claims reported more than 14 days after discovery at the fault;
1.2 claims resulting from any modification to the Vehicle, or the substitution of components by non-standard components or equipment fitted to the Vehicle which is not approved by the Vehicle manufacturer, in all cases after delivery at the Vehicle to the Warranty Holder;
1.3 claims in circumstances where the mileometer has been altered or disconnected or is inoperative to the extent that it results in miss-representation of the Vehicle's true mileage.
1.4 claims for components subject to recall or repair or replacement by the Vehicle manufacturer or attributable to a design defect in the Vehicle;
1.5 claims caused by or arising from:
  • overheating, corrosion or the gradual reduction in operating performance commensurate with the age and mileage covered by the Vehicle. This includes but is not limited to: (a) the gradual loss of engine compression necessitating the repair at valves or rings; and (b) gradual increase in oil consumption due to normal operating function;
  • wear and tear of a Covered Component. including carbonised or pitted valves, consistent with its age and usage;
  • the use of a grade or type of fuel not recommended by the Vehicle manufacturer;
  • inadequate or improper anti-freeze protection;
  • servicing. maintenance or repair of the Vehicle by a third party;
  • neglect, abuse or wilful damage;
  • the subjecting of the Vehicle to a load greater than the maximum specified by the Vehicle manufacturer;
  • fire, sell-ignition, lightning, earthquake, explosion, frost, storm flood, water damage, nuclear radiation, sonic boom. theft or attempted theft or vandalism;
  • any accident or collision;
1.6 foreign matter getting into or onto a Covered Component;
1.7 costs incurred by the Warranty Holder in routine servicing or repair.
1.8 any failure of a component due to non-compliance with the Vehicle manufacturer's recommendations relating to servicing;
1.9 investigatory or remedial work carried out without First Car's authorisation.
1.10 the repair or replacement of any component or equipment which is not a Covered Component or (except where expressly covered by the Warranty) fuel. chemicals. anti-freeze. hydraulic fluids, grease or oils required by the Vehicle;
1.11 damage to Covered Components caused by parts or components not covered by the Warranty;
1.12 loss of use or any type of consequential loss resulting from a Mechanical Breakdown; and
1.13 vehicles used:
  • as taxis;
  • as self drive hire vehicles;
  • as driving school vehicles;
  • for commercial purposes; or
  • in any sort of competition or rally.